What to Wear for a Walmart Job Interview

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Have you , , or another major retailer and now have an interview coming up? Not sure what to wear? While it's true that the dress code for both the interview and  at  than at a corporate office, you still shouldn't show up looking sloppy. The  cares about your appearance and professionalism, no matter where you're working.

When you interview,  will require dressing neatly and appropriately to convey confidence and reliability.

Interview Attire for Hourly and Management Jobs

If you've applied for an hourly job, you can choose . That means neat, clean, well-fitting attire. Men should pair a button-down shirt or a shirt and vest with khakis or slacks. Women should wear neat, coordinated separates – a skirt or slacks and sweater or blouse.

If you're interviewing for a higher-level position in management or a leadership role, the , which Walmart mentions on .

Options for Men

Though , there are still some rules you must follow to achieve a neat, conservative, and professional appearance. Always wear your shirt tucked in – shirttails are unattractive and may give off the impression that you're either too casual or sloppy.

Choose a shirt that is not too loud. Khaki, gray, black, or blue slacks are muted, conservative choices. Even if you don't wear a suit jacket, a tie is always a nice touch and helps convey the message that you're serious about the impression you give prospective employers.

Options for Women

have the option of wearing slacks, a skirt, or a dress, provided you keep the hemline and neckline conservative.

Check the length of your skirt or dress while sitting to make sure it's not too short. For women, a blouse or sweater is appropriate. Keep the color and pattern conservative, and avoid overly casual tops, such as graphic T-shirts, crop tops, and tank tops.

Piercings and Tattoos

With three in ten Americans having tattoos, retail giants including Walmart, Target, and Staples embrace a progressive stance on self-expression. While facial piercings are not allowed on the job at Walmart, employees may display non-offensive tattoos.

But not so fast, because a recent Salary.com poll revealed that 76% of respondents think tattoos  of getting hired. Though our cultural norms have changed, hiring managers may still have an unconscious bias toward body art. So conceal your tattoos and to the interview. After you're hired, you can embrace Walmart’s liberal policies.

What to Bring to the Interview

It's a  (if you need one), a few , a list of three , a pad of paper, and a working pen to write down important details, such as the interviewer's name and title, or the date and time of your second interview. A  for hourly positions. 

, write down things you want to remember to tell the interviewer, like your available hours or any particular experiences you feel will help you get the job. You might jot down, “Talk about experience working in the women’s apparel department at Sears.” Review your notes while you wait in the lobby.

Beyond the Attire

Though dressing for success is imperative, ultimately winning the job comes down to your personality, preparedness, and interaction with the interviewer. Follow these tips to knock the interview out of the park:

Research the company. Before the interview, learn about Walmart’s and policies by reviewing the and website. Take it a step further and  to talk with associates and get the lay of the land. By researching the company and even visiting a store, you’ll better understand how the company – and even the specific sales floor – functions, which will impress the hiring manager. Walmart conducts  so that the hiring team can get a good sense of your thought process and how you would mesh with existing employees.

Arrive ten minutes early. In between bad hygiene and cargo shorts on the list of  is arriving late. Doing so suggests poor and a lack of respect for the company, the position, and your interviewer. Not to mention, the stress you’ll feel will damage your confidence and inhibit your ability to think clearly. So be sure to give yourself an extra ten minutes to reach your destination. That way you’ll still be on time even if there’s some light traffic.

Stay relaxed and present. To effectively calm your nerves before the interview, take three deep breaths. For each breath, inhale for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and exhale for three seconds.

Remember that  conveys so much about you. It's important to look and feel confident. Therefore, avoid slumping back in your chair and instead lean slightly forward.  – a sign of honesty – is also proven to significantly improve your odds of getting hired. So, place them on the table, as opposed to on your thighs or (even worse) in your pockets. Finally, ask questions, , and hold eye contact!

Today’s the day. You are freshly showered, light on the fragrance, have clean breath (throw out your gum or mint!), appropriately dressed, and ten minutes early. Meeting all of these imperatives will add to your overall presentation and allow you to go in with a clear head and quiet confidence. Good luck!