Uses for Plastic Grocery Bags

Have a big stash of plastic grocery bags? Start bringing to the store to slow down on their accumulation. Then, try these ideas to use up the plastic bags that you have.

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    Packing Material

    Green plastic bags on kitchen worktop.

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    When you have a package to mail, use plastic bags in place of packing peanuts or bubble wrap. They're lightweight, free and easy for the recipient to recycle.​

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    Trash Bags

    Full black plastic wastepaper bin on wooden floor
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    Line small bathroom and office trash cans with plastic grocery bags. Save any oversized bags that you get for your kitchen trash can.

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    Disposable Gloves

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    Need to clean up after your ? Stick a plastic grocery bag on your hand, and you have a glove that you can toss without worry. Works great for other messes, too.

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    Gift Wrap

    Colorful plastic bags

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    Pull a few colorful bags out of your stash, and use them to wrap a gift. has instructions.

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    Knee Pads

    three neat pile of folded plastic bags
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    Tie a grocery bag around each knee before you go out to work in the garden, and you'll avoid countless .

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    Pick Up Litter

    Women Picking Garbage On Road
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    Carry a grocery bag with you every time you go for a walk, and pick up any trash that you come across.

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    Donate Them

    Recyclable plastic shopping bags on wooden floor
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    Libraries and are usually thrilled to accept any extra bags that you have. Preschools and day care centers may also have ​a use for them. Just ask, and you're sure to find someone that's happy to take them off your hands.

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    Take Them Back to the Store

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    Use them again the next time you shop or drop them in the bag recycling bin at the entrance to the store.