The Top iOS Apps for Tracking the Stock Market

These stock market apps for the iPhone and iPad have many features for managing your portfolio, researching stock picks, getting real-time market news and technical analysis, and even doing some virtual trading so you can test investment strategies.

If you like to keep a close watch on the stock market, or you want to learn more about trading and investing, try out one of these apps and watch as the ticker moves across your iPhone or iPad, allowing you easy access to the current stock market values so you can better manage your portfolio and make the right investments.

Explore the following list of apps for iOS devices—which includes Stock+Option, Stock Tracker, Reuters News, and StockPro—and find your perfect app to get you into the stock market game and on your way to building your stock portfolio.

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This stock market app for iOS is packed with features including streaming live quotes (before and after-hours coverage), creating alerts for specific stocks, and providing up-to-date market news on the home screen.

Stock Tracker can track multiple portfolios and watch lists and offers a stock screener and chart for over 50 technical indicators. Users can utilize these functions to analyze stocks, options, and domestic and foreign exchanges as well as to perform market signal scans. Stock Tracker also allows users to import portfolios from Google Finance and Yahoo Finance and keep tabs on your earnings and events in a specialized calendar.

You can even sync Stock Tracker with the free  of the same name, but keep in mind that although this app is mostly free, it does offer a number of in-app purchases that will better your user experience.

Reuters News logo

Reuters News app provides news and information on a variety of topics, including U.S. and global financial news.

Tthe news section of this photo and video-rich app can be customized to specific geographic areas, and the app also offers company profiles and a customizable watch list so that you can keep track of the stock options you want to stay informed about—you can even create a custom reading list of tickers and stories that can be saved to the app for later browsing.

While the app itself doesn't offer any of the additional features related to finance that others on this list do, Reuters is one of the best go-to resources for up-to-date reporting on the stock market internationally and domestically, and can serve as a vital tool for keeping you in the now when it comes to the health of your personal investments.

Although the most expensive app on the list at $15.99, StockPro is one of the best apps out there when it comes to managing your stock portfolio and tracking the stock market, offering users a huge variety of cutting-edge features that are certain to improve personal stock analytics and options.

StockPro offers free streaming live quotes, pre-and-after-market quotes, portfolio management and monitoring, custom alerts, economic news and overviews, an events and earnings calendar, and market signal scans as well as a plethora of other features to help manage personal finances.

This app is one of the fastest and most reliable when it comes to providing up-to-date quotes, DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 futures, and related economic news and one of the best when it comes to its market single scans, stock details, and advanced charts that analyze different markets and options.

The all-in-one stock market app, Stock+Option, offers users a bounty of resources to research, purchase, invest, and track their stock market portfolios right on their iPhones or iPads.

Stock+Option features in-depth options support; alerts for stock, options, portfolio, and stock activities; live news; up-to-date options strategies and charts; tick-level block trade data; SEC Filings, Insider Trading information, Institutional and ETF Holdings; and an array of analyst ratings.

From the app, users can also manage multiple portfolios with live tracking, instant reporting, and a summary view of all holdings as well as plan for future investments by exploring in-depth options support and strategy templates.