6 Surprising Ways Your Frugality Is Costing You

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Frugality, in itself, is a good thing. But when taken to the extreme, frugality can actually backfire, costing you more money than you’re saving.

Here are 6 big ways being too much of a cheapskate can actually hurt you financially.

1. You’re Wasting Your Time

If you spend hours each week clipping coupons, comparing store circulars and going from store to store to snag whatever’s on sale that week, you may not be getting a good return on your investment.

The time you’re spending trying to save a fraction here and a fraction there could actually be better spent on things like working more hours, selling some of your unwanted stuff or starting that side business you’ve always talked about. Make sure the time you’re investing is really worth the payoff you’re getting.

2. You’re Not Buying Quality

You may be able to buy a pair of bargain bin trainers for next to nothing, but the deal won’t be so great when they wear out in a couple months and you just have to buy another pair.

When it comes to things like clothing, shoes, major electronics and car and home repairs, make sure you’re getting both a good cost and a product that will last you for years to come. Sometimes it’s worth paying more for quality.

3. You’re Too Susceptible to a “Good Deal”

If you just can’t resist the lure of a bargain, you could be spending more than you need to.

If you can find a great price on something you were already planning on purchasing, that’s fantastic. But don’t buy something just because it seems like “too good of a deal to pass up.” That’s precisely what stores are hoping you’ll do.

4. You’re Cutting Corners

Sometimes you need to spend money to save money. This includes things like taking your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance and hiring a professional to do repairs around the home you don’t feel you can properly do yourself.

Neglect these things, and you could find it coming back to haunt you (and cost you) in future.

5. You’re Not Being Healthy

It may be cheaper to eat lunch off the value menu at McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart choice. Investing in your health can save you hundreds (or more) in medical care down the line, so make sure you’re not sacrificing nutrition.

You also don’t want to skimp on annual checkups with your doctor and dentist, or on following any instructions they give you.

6. You Feel Deprived

If your budget is so strict you feel like you never have any fun, you’re hurting your relationships or you never treat yourself to anything, then loosen up a little.

Successful money management means using your money in a way that allows you to lead the life you want. Make some room for enjoyment or you’re missing the mark.