Rachel Morgan Cautero

A digital media editor and writer, Rachel's experience in the media industry has been wide-reaching, from hard news reporting to lifestyle publication management to longform investigative pieces.

Her specialty, though, is writing on all things personal finance. As the managing editor of DailyWorth.com, a financial media site for women, she has written on everything from how to save money as a new parent to retirement saving catch-up strategies to fintech's best spending trackers. 


Rachel has served as managing editor and social media manager for several publications, most recently at DailyWorth, where she guided the editorial strategy, managed a team of freelance writers, served as the site's social media manager, and published high-quality finance and career content daily. Along the way, she made it her personal mission to educate and empower women on the subjects of money, investing, career management, and budgeting, among others. 

Published clips include: The New York Observer; The Local: East Village, a New York Times publication; DailyWorth.com; Technical.ly; US WeeklySouth Jersey Magazine; SJ Biz; House & Home; Observer Home; Philadelphia Family magazine, Shalereporter.com, The New York Daily NewsHaute Living Magazine, and FlockU.com. She's also appeared on Cheddar Life.

Rachel has also interviewed celebrities ranging from Candace Bushnell to Melania Trump to David Copperfield to Soledad O'Brien to Kevin Costner. And yes, his voice is exactly as it sounds on Field of Dreams.


Rachel holds an M.A. from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU, and a B.A. in English with a minor in journalism from Wittenberg University.  

Rachel Morgan Cautero

Whether it's learning how to get started investing, finally getting on track for retirement, or simply taking control of your day-to-day finances, the importance being autonomous and in control of your money simply cannot be overstated. It's something that everyone–women, millennials, stay-at-home-moms, high-powered executives–have to pay attention to. In many cases, being financially healthy can afford you the freedom to create exactly the type of life you want. And you can't put a price on that.