Mila Araujo

Mila Araujo Personal Insurance Expert

Mila has almost 20 years experience in the insurance industry in roles from Customer Service and Sales to Underwriting and Management. She views writing about topics and issues online as a way to empower people with information to help them get the most out of their insurance coverage. She's an international speaker, writes for several sites, and broadcasts on Periscope.

In insurance, her signature saying is: "Build your dreams, we'll protect them" because insurance is really about protecting the assets you've built, so you can focus on what really matters. She views insurance as a way to ensure everything you have worked for is always there for you or your family.


*Please note that insurance coverage varies from state to state or province to province, the information in articles by Mila for The Balance are written to serve as information to empower consumers, and as a bouncing board to a discussion with a licensed broker or agent that can review your specific needs and explain various coverage options to you. Every insurance company has their own policy wording, in all cases the policy wording will take precedence over any discussions or examples cited. Empower yourself with information, so you know the questions to ask, and take charge of your insurance to save money and protect yourself!

Mila Araujo

"Build your dreams, we'll protect them."