LaToya Irby

Welcome to's Credit/Debt Management site, led by your guide, LaToya Irby. LaToya has been the credit and debt management guide since 2007.


LaToya has been writing about personal finance professionally for seven years. She is passionate about helping others understand the value of good credit and debt management.

LaToya's credit and debt advice has been quoted in several online publications like USA Today, Black Enterprise, and Associated Press. She has experience working as a collection specialist in the financial services industry. She has worked with consumers to pay off their debts in a way that fits with their unique financial situation.


LaToya has a B.S. in Management Information Systems which gives her analytical and problem solving skills that she uses to approach financial management in a practical and effective way.

LaToya Irby

I know first-hand how easy it is to make credit mistakes and the helpless feelings that come with debt. My own struggle (and success!) with credit and debt drives me to help others avoid the mistakes I made.

Much of what I know I've learned through experience - my own and that of readers, friends, and family - and from a tremendous amount of reading and research. I'm happy to share what I've learned if it helps only one person achieve financial success. Contact me via email at latoya @ latoyairby .com (no spaces).

Disclaimer: LaToya makes sure to offer accurate advice and information on this website, however she is not a certified finance professional or an attorney. Always consult an attorney licensed in your state with your legal questions. For details on state laws regarding creditors and collectors, your state Attorney General is a good place to start. Finally, seek a certified financial planner for professional financial advice. The information on this site does not constitute legal or professional financial advice.