12 Journalistic Outlets to Get Published

Here are 12 outlets for those who want to get published. Writing for magazines and newspapers means you get a byline and get to choose your own subjects.

Consumer Magazines

These are the magazines you purchase at bookstores and likely subscribe to. While we generally think of national titles like Ladies Home Journal, beginners should begin by targeting local and regional publications.

Trade Magazines

These are magazines that are published for audiences in certain careers. They're not mass marketed, but can pay pretty well.


Some freelance opportunities may exist at both local and national newspapers.

Syndicated Column

Columns such as "Dear Abby" are syndicated columns. This is a column that focuses on the same or similar subject matter from week to week.

In Flight Magazines

These free magazines reach a wide variety of travelers.

Travel Magazines

For the adventurous writers--a hard market to break in to, but not impossible.

Quarterly Magazines

Magazines that are published quarterly may be either trade or consumer magazines, but will have a slightly different management style and slightly different needs then monthlies.

One- Offs (Magazines)

These magazines are usually some kind of advertorial product. For example, a large conference may publish a faux "magazine" about the conference for distribution to attendees. This is published once (a one-off).

Community Digests

Some towns may eschew a local newspaper in favor of a local digest. Does yours?

Advertorial Opportunities

Advertorials are thinly disguised advertisements, and writer who are good at selling may find a paid outlet here.

Investigative Journalism

Mother Jones, anyone?


Blogging provides a journalistic writer with their own platform.