How to Cut Costs

Personal Cost-Cutting 101

Learn how to save on household expenses, food, and entertainment. Become a master at the art of bargain shopping, and start managing your money better.

Money Management

Smart money management is a vital part of the frugal lifestyle. Learn how to take charge of your savings, investments, retirement planning and all other facets of your financial life.

Save on Household Expenses

Discover simple ways to lower your utility bills, phone bill, homeowner's insurance and all of those other bills that seem to find their way into your mailbox.

    Save on Food

    Everyone's got to eat, but the frugal person knows how to do it for less – whether it's at the grocery store or at a restaurant.

    Save on Entertainment

    Even fun can be frugal! Discover enough cheap entertainment ideas to keep you busy for days.

    Bargain Shopping Strategies

    Bargain shopping – it's a frugalite's dream. Learn how to coupon, rebate, clearance shop and haggle your way to the best deals.

    How to Save Money Store by Store

    Use these tips for each retailer to snag the most savings.