How do I Reorder Checks?

Is it Safe to Reorder Checks Online?

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So it’s time to reorder checks. There are a few ways you can handle it, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Find out how to reorder checks, where you can do it, and how to be safe.

Order Checks From a Printer

Check printers are a good option, and ordering backup checks online is easy. These companies generally offer more choices than your bank, allowing you to personalize your checks or request specific features (such as duplicates, different layouts, and more).

Is this risky? Most of the big names are reputable and safe. If you need a suggestion, Carousel Checks and Checks Unlimited are both legitimate check printers.

To order checks through these services, you’ll need to provide bank information. It’s your responsibility to provide the details correctly (if you get replacement checks from your bank they already have everything on file). If your checks have inaccurate information, you can’t use them and you won’t get a refund unless the printer made a mistake.

For security reasons - and to avoid errors - you may have to provide a voided check when submitting your order. If you’re out of checks, ask if your bank can provide an official document with the required information.

Get Checks at the Bank

A simple way to reorder checks is to contact your bank or credit union. They already have important information such as your account number, routing numbers, and your address.

While this is the easiest way, it may not be the cheapest. You may also have limited design options when you go through your bank.

It is safe to reorder checks from your bank online. As always, be sure you're on a legitimate site before providing account numbers and passwords.

Use Fewer Checks

Every time you reorder checks it takes time and money.

Can you find a way to use fewer checks? You may save money on postage (when you mail checks) and reduce waste (by handling transactions electronically). Consider some alternatives to writing checks:

You may decide that old-fashioned checks are still your preferred way to pay, and that’s fine. However, be sure to consider why you might want to stop writing checks.