Free Pretzels on National Pretzel Day

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Check back in March for details on National Pretzel Day 2019

National Pretzel Day is a day that you can spend some time appreciating pretzels and their history, but you'll really want to grab your keys and hit the road to get as many free pretzels as you can.

National Pretzel Day 2018 is on Thursday, April 26. Below you'll find a list of places that are going to give you free pretzels on this day. Most are no purchase only while one of them asks for a donation. You can see all the details in the descriptions of the offer.

I highly recommend calling your local location before you head out to get your free pretzel so you don't waste a trip. Most of these offers should be for most, if not all, locations, but it never hurts to double check. 

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    PretzelMaker has a special deal for National Pretzel Day that will get you a free salted or unsalted pretzel. You'll need to follow them on or and show proof on your mobile phone. 

    Here's a so you can get a free pretzel near you.

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    Two pretzels on a red tablecloth

    Visit on Thursday for National Pretzel Day, or as they like to call it, National "Wetzel" Day, and you'll get a free original pretzel. No purchase necessary!

    Keep in mind that this offer isn't valid in stadiums, amusement parks, convention centers, and arenas.

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    A pretzel with cheese sauce
    Ben's Soft Pretzel

    Ben's Soft Pretzels is also giving away *almost* free pretzels on National Pretzel Day but you'll be supporting a great cause when you get one.

    You'll need to donate $1 to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund with all donations going straight to IFHF.

    Check with to make sure they're participating before you head out.

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    Philly Pretzel Factory is also giving out free pretzels on National Pretzel Day, Wednesday, April 26, 2018.

    There's no purchase to get your free pretzel, just stop on by any time that day.