271 Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Hundreds of Free and Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

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These Easter egg coloring pages celebrate one of the most widely known symbols of Easter, which is, of course, the Easter egg.

All of these Easter egg coloring pages are free and can be printed from your home computer. They're a nice mix of already designed Easter eggs and blank Easter egg templates that leave the coloring and designing all up to your child.

Some of the Easter eggs are quite intricate making them great . What a great way to relax as Spring awakens this year. There are also lots of silly Easter eggs which of course the kids will absolutely love.

You can find and if you're looking for more coloring fun. We also have a lot of other Easter freebies like and .

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    Two Easter eggs with intricate designs
    Moms Who Think

    I simply adore all the Easter egg coloring pages at Moms Who Think, and I think you will too.

    There are around 60 designs of Easter egg coloring pages here, simple to intricate, that are very unique and special.

    On the website, click the link above the thumbnail to open the full size of the image to print or save it.

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    Two Easter eggs, one with a face

    The Easter egg coloring pages at Coloring.ws is a nice combination of completely blank Easter eggs and Easter eggs with basic designs. 

    All the Easter egg coloring pages here will really stretch your child's imagination on how they'd like to decorate the Easter eggs.

    This image here shows you just a couple of the Easter egg coloring pages you can print off but there are almost 10 others on the Coloring.ws website.

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    A bunny holding an Easter egg
    Raising Our Kids

    The Easter egg comes front and center in these printable Easter egg coloring pages for kids.

    Don't forget to click the NEXT button on the Raising Our Kids website to find even another page of free Easter egg coloring pages.

    Click the one you want so that you can see its download page, and then use the PRINT button there to print off the coloring page.

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    Two Easter eggs with designs
    Best Coloring Pages

    There are over a dozen Easter egg coloring pages on this website, spread over two pages. Some are Easter bunnies and baskets but there are lots of Easter egg coloring pages too.

    Click the Print this page button to print this Easter egg coloring page for kids.

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    Six Easter eggs with various designs
    First Palette

    First Palette has a small but wonderful collection of Easter egg coloring pages that include eggs that have stars, hearts, ribbons, flowers, swirls, and stripes on them that can all be colored in.

    There are also a few Easter egg coloring pages here that have blank Easter eggs that can be colored in with a little imagination and a lot of fun.

    Note: These Easter egg coloring pages must be downloaded as PDFs first before you can print them. There are lots of PDF readers that you can use to open a PDF file.

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    Two Easter eggs, one with a bow
    Hello Kids

    Hello Kids also has a group of Easter egg coloring pages that are all completely free to download, print, and color.

    These Easter egg coloring pages include all sorts of images of Easter eggs in baskets, with bunnies and chicks, and decorated in all sorts of designs that will be a blast to color.

    You can even color these Easter eggs online - no printing necessary!

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    A Pysanka Ukrainian Easter egg
    Super Coloring

    Super Coloring has a lot of Easter eggs coloring pages that include designs like flowers, stripes, triangles, stars, leaves, hearts, and more.

    Each of the free Easter egg coloring sheets here can be printed from your home printed or colored right online.