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Here are links to the most common tax forms needed to prepare your income tax returns. All tax forms are in the portable document format (PDF) and require . You can use Acrobat Reader to view the documents and print documents. Most of the IRS forms also allow you to type in your information and save a copy with your data to your computer.

The best IRS web resource by far is , which covers information relevant to most tax situations. (Also available as a .)

1040EZ Series for Individuals

Taxpayers with income under $100,000 might qualify to use this simplified tax form.

  • Form 1040EZ
  • (pdf)
  • (web)

1040A Series for Individuals

Most taxpayers are eligible to file this shorter tax form. Income under $100,000, can claim dependents, can use any filing status, and can claim some adjustments to income. This form is the best place to start for most people.

  • Form 1040A
  • (pdf)
  • (web)

Schedules Related to Form 1040A:

  • for Interest & Dividends (instructions included on the form).
  • for Child & Dependent Care Expenses and .
  • for the Credit for the Elderly or Disabled and Instructions for Schedule R.

1040 Series for Individuals

Form 1040, the "long form," covers all possible tax situations. Anyone at all can file this form. So if you're in doubt about which form to file, it's always a safe bet to stick to the 1040.

  • Form 1040
  • (pdf)

Schedules Related to Form 1040:

  • Schedule A for Itemized Deductions.
  • for Interest and Dividends. Instructions are included in the same pdf file as the form.
  • for Net Profit or Loss from Business.
  • simplified version of Net-Profit from Busines (includes instructions).
  • and Form 8949 for Capital Gains & Losses.
  • for Supplemental Income & Loss from rental real estate, royalties, partnerships, trusts, and S-corporations, and .
  • for the Earned Income Credit. See for all the details.
  • for Net Profit or Loss from Farming and .
  • for Household Employment Taxes and .
  • for Farm Income Averaging and .
  • for the Credit for the Elderly or Disabled and .
  • for the Self Employment Tax and .

Other Supporting 1040 Forms:

  • Foreign Tax Credit and .
  • or for Employee Business Expenses and .
  • for the Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses and .
  • or for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and .
  • for Moving Expenses.
  • for Taxes on Unreported Tips.
  • for Sale of Business Property and .
  • for the Additional Tax on IRAs and other Retirement Accounts and .
  • for the Alternative Minimum Tax and .
  • for the Additional Child Tax Credit.
  • for the Adoption Credit and .
  • for the Hope and Lifetime Education Credits.
  • for the Retirement Savings Contributions Credit.
  • for the Health Savings Account Deduction and .

Where to Find Prior Year Tax Forms

The IRS has an archive of tax form, instructions, and publications. The archive is accessible at the page on the IRS Web site.