Father's Day Freebies

A List of Ways You Can Treat Dad for Free on Father's Day

These Father's Day freebies are a great way to shower dad with free stuff all Father's Day long. They're all completely free and will make dad feel extra special because they're coming straight from your heart. It's a great reminder that it's the thought that counts.

The free Father's Day stuff includes free, printable Father's Day greeting cards, printable coupons that make a great gift for dad, Father's Day themed coloring pages, free Father's Day ecards, printable Father's Day gift tags, and a free, printable gift.

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Father's Day this year is on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

Free, Printable Father's Day Greeting Cards

Two Father's Day cards laying on a table
Teepee Girl

These free printable Father's Day cards will warm dad's heart when you let him know how much you love and appreciate him simply by handing him any one of these cards.

There are many free cards to choose from so you are sure to find one that dad will love no matter what his interests are. 

In just a few minutes you'll be able to download and print your chosen card. Simply write a message and sign your name and it's ready to be put in the mail or handed over to dad with a smile.

There are also some free envelope templates available so if you need to mail the card, you can print and fold an envelope to put your card in. More

Give Dad Love Coupons for Father's Day

Father's Day coupons, coffee, and toast with jam
A Whole Lot of Tiny

Looking for a last-minute Father's Day gift that dad will love? Not only will these warm his heart but you can have bragging rights that the gift didn't cost a thing.

These printable love coupons can be customized just for dad. There are both pre-filled and blank coupons that you can fill out for dad. He can then redeem the coupons over the next year for things like free hugs, TV time, breakfast in bed, being excused from a chore, a back rub, and more.

Dads love homemade gifts and these might just be his favorite Father's Day gift this year. More

Printable Father's Day Coloring Pages

A trophy that says "#1 Dad"

These free Father's Day coloring pages are a quick and easy way for kids to create a homemade gift for dad this Father's Day that came straight from the heart.

These free coloring pages are so easy to print out and you'll have the kids coloring their hearts' out in just a few minutes time.

You can put them into a Father's Day greeting card, fold them to make them into actual cards, or hang them up on Father's Day so he can enjoy them all day long. More

Free Happy Father's Day Ecards

A Father's Day ecard with grills on it

Wish dad a Happy Father's Day this year by sending him a free Father's Day ecard in a variety of designs that he'll love.

These cards are the perfect choice if you won't get to see your dad this Father's Day or even if you will. They're even better than a traditional card because you don't have to mail them. More

Father's Day gift tags with a gift on a table
Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect has designed this simple and awesome looking Father's Day gift tags that come in green, dark gray, and light gray.

All you need to do is print (cardstock works best), cut them out, add a whole at the top, and attach them to the gift with string. You could also skip the whole punch and just tape them to the gift.

A fill-in Father's Day printable on a table
BonBon Break

You'll have an instant gift with this free Father's Day printable from Bonbon Break.

Print this out and have your child fill in some questions about their dad - how old he is, what he likes to do, what his job is, what he says, what the child enjoys doing with the dad, what their dad's favorite thing is, and why they love their dad. At the top, there's room for the child to draw a picture of them and their dad.