25 Printable Easter Word Search Puzzles

Mother and daughter wearing costume rabbit ears coloring Easter eggs and cookies

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These word search puzzles will help your children celebrate Easter in both a fun and educational way this year. Each Easter word search puzzle falls into a category based on the number of words there are to find and a recommended grade level is attached to each. This makes it really easy to find the type of puzzle that works best for your child or students.

There's a great mix of secular and religious Easter word search puzzles here, depending on what you're looking for. You may also find great options for Easter activities by looking for , , or . Of course, you can always ​ word search if you'd like. Depending on the activity you are planning, may also be a good fit.

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    Easy Puzzles

    Little girl playing with Easter eggs
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    These are easy Easter word search puzzles that have 15 or less hidden words. They work really well for kids in grades 1-3.

    1. : A religious Easter word search puzzle that's super easy with just 5 hidden words.
    2. : Only 5 words to find inside this secular Easter word search puzzle.
    3. : Find all 6 words and then color in the eggs and the basket.
    4. : There are 6 words hidden inside this Easter Sunday word search.
    5. : Find 11 words to solve this Easter word search.
    6. : There are 12 words hiding in this Easter word search. Can you find them all?
    7. : Twelve hidden words can be found in this word search puzzle that's shaped like an egg.
    8. : A printable Easter word search puzzle where you'll have to hunt for 13 words.
    9. : You'll need to hunt down 15 hidden words in this Easter bunny word search puzzle.
    10. : You'll find 15 hidden words inside this colorful word search puzzle. Use the letters you don't use to find the answer to the secret question.
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    Medium-Difficulty Puzzles

    Girl finding eggs in an indoor Easter egg hunt
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    These Easter word search puzzles are a little more difficult with 16-30 words that need to be found. Kids in grades 4-5 will especially enjoy them.

    1. : There are 16 hidden words in this printable Easter puzzle from Tim's Printables.
    2. : You'll need to find 19 words dealing with Jesus' death and resurrection in this word search puzzle.
    3. : A religious Easter word search with 20 hidden words.
    4. : There are 20 hidden words in this word search complete with a word list.
    5. : Here's a beautiful Easter word search with 20 words that would make a great addition to your Easter table.
    6. : There are 20 hidden Easter terms in this word search.
    7. : Find the 24 hidden words in this puzzle that have everything to do with actual bunnies.
    8. : There are 25 words hidden inside this cross-shaped Easter word search puzzle.
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    Challenging Puzzles

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    These are hard Easter word search puzzles with 31+ words to find. I recommend these for kids in grades 6 and up and adults.

    1. : ​This Easter word search is tough with 32 words to find all about the crucifixion and resurrection.
    2. : Wow, this one is tough! There are 50 hidden words in this Easter word search.
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    Online Puzzles

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    These are Eater word search puzzles are all online and you don't have to print anything out to play them.

    1. : Perfect for the younger kids, this online Easter word search has only 10 words to find.
    2. : Find 10 words in 5 minutes in this online Easter word search puzzle.
    3. : A religious online Easter word search that has 10 hidden words.
    4. : This online religious Easter word search puzzle has anywhere from 10-14 words you'll need to find.
    5. : Choose from a small word search puzzle with 12 words to find or bigger puzzle with 16 hidden words.