Dawn Rosenberg McKay

Dawn Rosenberg McKay is a career planning professional with two decades of experience. She is the author of several books on this subject.

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Dawn has been writing about career planning since 1997. She ran a job and education information center at a large public library for over five years, working with clients who were going through career transitions, such as career change and job loss. Dawn also assisted new high school and college graduates during the transition from school to starting a career. She has led workshops on resume writing, job interviewing, networking and job searching on the Internet. Dawn is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). She is also the author of The Everything Practice Interview Book and The Everything Get-a-Job Book, both published by Adams Media, as well as several test preparation books that were published by Peterson's and Pearson Education.


Dawn completed the at Hofstra University in 1999. She also earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Hofstra and a Master's Degree from the City University of New York - Queen's College.

Dawn Rosenberg McKay

A significant part of our lives revolves around work. I will provide you with resources that will help you have a career that is satisfying and fulfilling.