Best Coupon Blogs and Resources for 2018

Visit these helpful coupon blogs to save big money on your favorite items.

Best couponing blogs for 2018

Every couponer relies on a variety of resources when you’re hunting for coupons and deals, since getting advice from fellow couponers can make the difference between a cartload of free and paying a week’s salary at checkout. However, finding reliable websites that can direct you to the best coupons and deals can be a challenge, since it’s often difficult to know which ones are trustworthy.

Since the calendar recently turned to 2018, it’s a good time to find out which coupon blogs and resources will help you meet your savings goals. Check out the following list, and then bookmark your favorite sites depending on which line up with your couponing plans this year.

The best way to get free or low-cost items from the store is to match coupons to sales, allowing you to double down on your savings. It can be difficult to do the matching on your own, since it takes time to correlate every available coupon to every store sale. Fortunately, there are blogs that do the work for us.

One high-quality site that’s easy to navigate is the . When you visit the site, you’ll click on the store that you plan to visit, and the site will list all of that week’s coupon matchups. For instance, when I clicked the page for , it listed how I could get a free pack of Bic razors and low prices on many other items. The site lists many different stores where you can score deals like these and tells you exactly which coupons or rebates you need to use to get the deals.

Another great site for coupons matchups is , which allows you to either search for deals by state or by the store you’d like to visit. For instance, if I click on , I can see a list of stores where I can save. From there, if I click on , the site lists how I can get free lipstick and razors, as well as some deals that are not only free, but also give money back because the coupon value is worth more than the sale price.

Best Sites for Deals on Non-Grocery Items

You can also match up deals, coupons, rebates and points with sales on non-grocery items to save big. This includes products such as clothing, furniture and shoes, among many other things. There are several great coupon blogs online that can help you locate these discounts.

One such blog is , which posts deals each week for discounts at national stores such as Kohl’s, Kmart and more. For instance, the site advises how you can get free and discounted products from clocks to furniture and beyond by combining deals with cash back offers so the end result is that you’ll save big money.

Another great website for finding discounted and free non-grocery items is , which explains how to combine offers at places like Target and Amazon to get great deals on everything from beauty products to books and beyond.

If you’re strictly looking for free items, there are several sites that will simply list every deal you can get that week for free by combining offers or that will send you free samples of various products in the mail.

A great site that lists free items is the , which goes through the various deals and circulars on any given week and breaks out the specific items you can get for free at national retailers. If you click on one of the deals listed on the site, you’ll get detailed instructions on exactly how to get the freebie, including where you can find the coupon and how to stack deals.

If you’re looking for free product samples, check out , which lists items that you can get for free. Many of the offers require you to “like” pages on the companies' social media pages or to sign up for loyalty programs, but the site gives you details about what’s required to get each free sample.

The Bottom Line

By getting to know the nuances of each website, you can learn how to stack deals and save money on all of your favorite items.