10 Things You Should Not Buy on Black Friday

It is very easy to feel tempted with all the Black Friday hype to rush out and buy in order to get the best products at the cheapest prices, but history has shown that the best prices on a lot of merchandise come at the end of a season, not at the very beginning.

Shoppers will save money by not buying these 10 items on Black Friday, despite all the hoopla and how tempting the ads sound.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor
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Buying Christmas decorations and other holiday decor is never a good deal on Black Friday. When January rolls in, shoppers can find Christmas trees, holiday trim, holiday lighting and gift bags and cards at 75 percent off.

In the past, Target has been one of the most aggressive stores when it comes to discounting the holiday merchandise to move out quickly, with reductions taken two weeks before Christmas and by December 30, much of it is priced at 75 percent off.

Thrifty shoppers buy these items in bulk at the end-of-season sales and pack it away until the following year.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Bikes
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There may be a few select items promoted on Black Friday in the exercise equipment category, but nothing like you will see closer to December 25 and in January. Choices are too limited during the Black Friday sales. By just waiting about a month, the selection increases and the prices decrease. You will be glad that you waited.


Home Theater Chairs
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Furniture stores do not normally get overly involved in promoting Black Friday deals and hold off on doing the deep discounts until February. That is the month when sales are slow and new spring lines are arriving in stores and there is a need for retail floor space.

You might find a few exceptions on Black Friday, but if you really want to save money, you would do best to wait a few months and then enjoy being able to save substantial money on this big-ticket category.

Games and Toys

Games and Toys
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Black Friday is not the best time to buy toys, even though there is a tremendous amount of advertising that will try to convince us otherwise.

Parents looking for this year's hottest toys are not going to find them on sale on Black Friday, or any time close to it. The deeply discounted toys will be those that were hot during previous years. The best parents can hope for is getting around 20 percent off on the most popular toys by using store coupons and charging their purchases with a good rewards card.

For toys that are not on the hottest list, the best deals will start to show up about two weeks before Christmas, not on Black Friday.

Remember next year to shop for toys around Veterans Day, which is when many stores really cut the prices.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards
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On Black Friday gift cards will be in all the stores, many right by the registers, beckoning you to buy one, but do your wallet a favor and wait until December. The closer to Christmas, the better the deals. BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club had several discounted gift cards last December, both in-store and online. If history repeats itself, when December rolls in, the list of discounts and bonus cards will grow significantly.

Jewelry and Watches

Watch Salesman
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Jewelry, including watches, is one category that shoppers should skip, not only during Black Friday, but throughout the entire holiday season. November, December, and February are when the prices are highest. There may be a few items advertised with big discounts for Black Friday, but the selections will be extremely limited and style and quality may be less than stellar.

If you really want to save on jewelry, shop in March after all the holiday hoopla is over. You will find stores more open to negotiating prices to salvage a sale when business is slow.

Linens, Blankets

Blue Blanket
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Is there a bedspread, blanket or some other type of linen on your gift list? If so, you may want to skip buying it on Black Friday. January is traditionally when stores have White Sales and linens, bedspreads, blankets, towels, and tablecloths get marked down. Discounts on the holiday lines usually begin two weeks before Christmas.

Tablets and Computers

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When it comes to buying tablets, iPads, and computers, things get a little more complicated. Usually, the big deals on Black Friday are comprised of older, slower, basic models from the previous year. That does not mean it is faulty merchandise, but it won't have all the bells and whistles as the newer models.

Also, with Amazon introducing the new Fire, 7" tablet regularly priced at $49.99, it will be tough for competitors to beat the price and the features with Black Friday deals. However, shoppers may be able to nab the new 7" Fire for less.

The best advice is to know what you are buying by doing your homework and reading reviews. Make sure there isn't a good reason that the product did not sell the previous year.

Wannabe Real Deals

Candy Cane Power Bank

The "wannabe real" deals are usually in the Black Friday ads, barking the loudest for being extremely inexpensive. Wannabes are the loss leaders, previous year's models, lesser known brands, or special/seasonal buys that often lack a real track record for performance.

The wannabes can be found in every category, but are most often found in electronics and gadgets, small appliances for personal and home care, gift items that are prepackaged as sets, like jewelry sets, sock sets, and wallets and key fobs and toys that almost look like the real thing.

Winter Clothing and Accessories

Wool hat and gloves
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Another category that shoppers should hold off on buying on Black Friday includes most winter apparel and accessories. Unless it is an absolute must have or need, shoppers will always benefit by waiting (at least) until the last week in December to buy winter clothing.

Flannel pajamas, slippers, wool scarves, wool hats, sweaters and holiday apparel get drastically cut the week after Christmas. By January, what is left is reduced to as much as 80 percent off.