Wes Moss

Wes Moss, author of the recently published guide to retirement, , is the chief investment strategist at Capital Investment Advisors (CIA).  CIA manages more than $1 billion in client assets and is one of Georgia’s largest private investment firms.  He is also a partner at WELA Strategies, an online wealth management and financial education firm. 


Wes, a Certified Financial Planner, CFP®, is the host of Money Matters, a call-in investment and personal finance radio show on Atlanta’s News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB Radio. Money Matters is Atlanta’s longest running financial talk radio show. Wes is a weekly guest columnist for AJC.com, the website of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Moss also serves as a financial expert for both local and national media including CNN, CNBC, and the Fox Business Network. In 2012, Moss was named as one of the top 40 fee-only investment advisors under the age of 40 in the country by Wealth Management magazine and in 2014, Barron’s named him as one of America’s top 1,200 financial advisors. He is the author of . His groundbreaking research has redefined financial milestones that every American should strive towards in order to achieve an early and happy retirement.


Moss holds a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  

Wes Moss

 “Can money buy happiness? Not completely...but it sure does serve as an important tailwind. Thankfully, my research on the topic reveals the most important pieces of the money and happiness equation.”

“Of course you should pay off your house, but last time I checked, you can’t pay for groceries with shingles.”

“The happiest retirees live in the middle. When it comes to home values, vacations, restaurants, cars and shopping, happy retirees have found the sweet spot.”

“Income comes from 3 places: dividends, interest and distributions (that equal a portfolio cash flow). It’s the ‘DID’ of income investing. This “cash flow” is one of the few predictable things that you can count on as an investor.”

“Happiness retiree tip: Find at least 3 core pursuits or hobbies on steroids. These are the driving forces behind how people in America retire happy.”