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Viewster is a legal website that has thousands of Hollywood and independent movies as well as a limited number of .

It's very easy to browse through TV shows and movies at Viewster because you can scroll through them on the homepage.

No registration or download is required to enjoy the online content at Viewster, however you will have to view some ads.

Viewster's Free Streaming Movies

The best way to view the streaming movies at Viewster is by genre. The genres you can choose from include Anime, Sci-Fi, , Martial Arts, , , , Korean Drama, , Animation, Classics, Crime & Gangster, Festival Darlings, Music & Musicals, Romance, Thrillers, LGBT, War, and Western.

Another way to see what free films are available at Viewster is from the homepage. You can sort the movies by latest additions, most viewed, feeling lucky, mixed, or staff picks. These are good ways to browse through the movies so that you don't have to pick a certain genre.

You can also filter the results by language so that only English, French, German, or Spanish films are shown on the homepage.

Tip: It may be a good idea to follow the official if you're looking for an easy way to be alerted of new movies. They also have a Twitter account: .

Viewster's Free Streaming TV Shows

While Viewster has plenty of movies to watch, they're rather new to the TV show arena, so there really isn't a huge selection of shows here. You'll find mainly foreign television shows and lesser known shows from the United States.

The TV shows are organized in the same genres as the movies. Just choose a genre and then uncheck the "MOVIES" filter at the top of the page to only show the videos that are a part of a TV series.

Again, like browsing through the movies, you can find Viewster's shows on the homepage, too, and sort them just like you can the movies.

Other animation, gaming, and comedy videos that Viewster has are sectioned off in the Channels part of the website, accessible through the menu at the top of the website. There are videos from channels like Screen Junkies, SMOSH Pit, ItsSuperEffective, The Racka Racka, So Krispy Media, Mike Diva, and Rizen Visual.

Watching Viewster on the Go

Viewster has a that Android and iOS users can download.

Some devices have the Viewster app pre-installed. Some of those devices are from manufacturers like Roku, Toshiba, Vestel, Western Digital, Asus, Panasonic, Netgear, Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Lenovo, and HP. The full list can be seen .

See for additional ways you can watch free movies from your mobile device from other websites like , , , and .

Where Viewster Gets Its Movies

Viewster has lots of partners that help them gather content to display on their website. Some of those partners include STARZ, 20th Century Fox, BBC, and HBO.

System Requirements to Watch Viewster

All modern computers, Internet connections, and web browsers should be fine streaming movies from Viewster, but for the best viewing experience it's recommended that you have a minimum Internet connection of DSL 4000 kbit/s and are running the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Chrome web browser with JavaScript and cookies enabled, along with Adobe Flash Player 9 or newer.