Top 25 Property/Casualty Insurance Agencies of 2015

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The largest 25 property/casualty insurance are listed below. They are arranged in descending order beginning with the largest. Size is based on revenue earned 2015. The revenue data and agency rankings have been provided by , an online insurance news publication.

Several of the agencies shown below also appear on a list of the . Examples are Hub International and Lockton.

Why are these companies on both lists? The answer is that they act as insurance agencies in some situations and in others.

When acting as an agency, an insurance intermediary sells products on behalf of under a contract called an agency agreement. The agreement permits the agency to initiate policies on the insurer's behalf. An insurance agent acts as a representative of the insurer. An agent can issue to prospective policyholders.

When acting as a brokerage, an insurance intermediary is not operating under a with an insurer. Rather, a broker acts as a representative of an insurance buyer. A broker can send an insurance application to an insurer but has no authority to initiate coverage on the buyer's behalf.


RankNameRev. ($MM)Comments
1Hub International1000 (1.0 bn)Organized around large regional offices with over 330 satellite locations in the U.S. & Canada. Based in Chicago
2Lockton Cos.947.3Operates worldwide. Provides a wide variety of services. Based in Kansas City.
3Alliant Ins. Servies553.570+ locations in the U.S. Based in Newport Beach, CA
4USI Ins. Services514.5140+ locations in U.S. Based in Valhalla, NY
5Confie472.5Specializes in personal lines, small commercial & Hispanic community. Based in Huntington Beach, CA
6AssuredPartners Inc.422.5Created in 2011 through agency acquisitions. Offices in 30 states and Canada. Based in Lake Mary, FL
7Acrisure LLC319.9Operates out of 130+ offices in 24 states. Based in Caledonia, MI
8Broadstreet Partners Inc.265.2Operates through regional agencies. Based in Columbus, OH.
9Integro Insurance Brokers157.0Founded in 2003. 40+ locations in U.S., Canada and U.K. Based in NYC
10Leavitt Group144.5125+ offices in 18 states (mostly West and South). Based in Cedar City, UT
11Crystal & Co.137.111 locations in U.S. Family-owned company in business for 80 years..
12NFP126.2Numerous locations in the U.S. & Canada. Focuses on commercial insurance, corporate benefits, and personal coverages for executives. Based in NYC
13Ins. Office of America123.950+ locations in the U.S. & UK. Based in Longwood, FL
14Risk Strategies121.026 offices in U.S. Based in Boston.
15EPIC Ins. Brokers119.6Founded in 2007. 27 locations in 12 states. Based in San Francisco.
16IMA Financial Group111.8Offices in 5 states. Owns 5 separate companies, each with its own specialty. Based in Denver.
17Wortham Financial Group97.15 locations in Texas. Independently owned. Based in Houston.
18Cross Insurance94.6Owned by Cross Financial Corp. Over 30 offices in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
19Hays Cos.91.030+ offices in the U.S. Services include insurance, risk management & employee benefits.
20Heffernan Ins. Brks.90.08 locations in the U.S. Independently owned. Based in Walnut Creek, CA.
21J. Smith Lanier & Co.86.8Founded in 1868. Privately held. 22 locations in 5 southern states. Based in West Point, GA.
22AIS Insurance Specialists85.7Owned by AIS Insurance Co. Personal lines only. Operates in all 50 states. Based in Cerritos, CA.
23Answer Financial80.0Owned by Allstate. Personal lines only. Business conducted mostly online.
24Higginbotham78.6Over 25 offices in Texas. Based in Fort Worth.
25Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.75.2

Founded in 1918. 12 offices in the U.S. Based in San Francisco. Focuses on business insurance.