The Online Game Filler

Filler: A free online strategy game

Screenshot of the free online game Filler.

Filler is a fun  where the goal is to fill up 2/3 of the screen with the filler balls you make while avoiding the bouncy balls. Once you've filled up the screen, you'll clear the level and go onto the next.

As you go on through the levels, you'll see more bouncy balls and a limited number of filler balls you can create.

How Much Time You Can Waste With Filler

Filler has the potential to waste a ton of your time! This game has over 100 levels and I couldn't find anyone who has reached a level greater than 107. 

Since the levels get more and more difficult and it's easy to obtain extra lives, this time waster can be played for weeks and even potentially months.

How to Play Filler

Visit and read through the instructions if you'd like. Click-and-hold your mouse button to create a big white filler ball. The longer you hold down, the bigger your filler ball will get.

Watch out though, the small bouncy balls will pop your filler ball while you're filling it, so you'll want to release the mouse button before one touches your filler ball.

Continue creating more filler balls until the screen is 2/3 full of filler balls and you complete the level. The game will end automatically when you reach 2/3 of the screen.

At the top of the screen you'll see the percentage of the screen that's filled with filler balls, how much time you have left, how many filler balls you are still able to create and how many lives you have. All of these will be figured into your final score.

Filler Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks I've discovered while playing Filler:

  • Move the mouse around on the screen to avoid the bouncy balls as you make your filler ball. This will increase the likelihood that you'll find a good spot to drop it.
  • You can trap the bouncy balls beneath piles of your filler balls, as well as in the corner of the screen below a large filler ball. As long as they're trapped they won't be able to destroy any filler balls that you're creating.
  • As long as you have a good number of filler balls that you can create, you can make these filler balls in the empty spaces between your existing filler balls. Since you're essentially making trapped filler balls, they are safe from the bouncy balls.
  • Get your first filler ball as big as you can. You have tons of open space to make it large and take advantage of it.
  • If you have extra filler balls to spare, consider using a few smaller ones to push the bouncy balls out of your way to make room for you to grow a bigger filler ball.

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What I Think About Filler

I really am addicted to Filler. I love getting the bouncy balls trapped and then making an easy time of creating more filler balls.

Filler is a challenging game and I have a tough time making it out of the levels in the 20's. I'd love to see a screenshot of one of the 100 levels to see just how difficult that would be.

I do find that after about level 20 I have to move onto another time waster because although Filler is a ton of fun it can get a little redundant at times.

After years of discovering Filler, it's one of my favorite time wasting games that I keep coming back to time after time.