Sample Recommendation Letter for a College Student

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Students applying for college, graduate study, internships, and jobs will need recommendations from many sources. If you are asked to write a for a student, make sure that you get as much information about the position they are seeking as possible to make your endorsement specific and strong. The following is an example of a for a student.

Recommendation Letter Sample for College Student

This is a sample recommendation letter for college student. (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

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Recommendation for Pam Lester
I have had the pleasure of working with Pam Lester for three years while she served as a peer advisor in the academic achievement office at ABCD College. Pam exhibited a wide range of skills while building a record of outstanding performance in this role.

Ms. Lester mastered the often overwhelming task of learning the extensive collection of print and electronic resources we use to help students. Pam's diligence, bright mind, inquisitive nature and unwavering commitment to helping others enabled her to achieve this success.

Ms. Lester was truly unique in her ability to empathize, establish rapport and reach a very broad range of students from diverse backgrounds. Pam attracted a following of her peers who purposefully sought her out because she had been helpful to them (much like a good professional counselor does). I have rarely seen a peer cultivate these types of relationships with other students during my 20 years of professional experience.

Pam is a good listener who also can convey information clearly and effectively to individuals and groups. Her common sense, research and detective skills enabled her to find information for students which was not easily locatable.

As you can tell, I hold Pam in very high regard and therefore can confidently recommend her for graduate study which would tap the skills referenced above. I am equally confident that she possesses the empathy, caring nature, listening skills and intellectual capacity to become a fine professional counselor.


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