Sample Cover Letter for a Human Resources Manager Job

The cover letter for applying for an HR manager's job is significant in getting you an interview.

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Need a sample  that you can use as a guide when you apply for jobs as a ? This sample cover letter follows the best practices and highlights the special qualifications of the applicant.

Currently, job search experts debate whether a cover letter is a necessary part of a job application. They argue that the resume and application are sufficient for an applicant to highlight their credentials. Many recruiters don't have time to read cover letters anymore. Online applications may not allow you to post a cover letter or state that a cover letter is optional.

An effective cover letter allows applicants to spell out their special qualifications for a position. But, cover letters are becoming optional so use your best judgment as you apply for HR manager jobs.

Before you write a cover letter, review the employer's specifications in the  carefully. For best results, research the company so that you have a basic familiarity with what the organization does and the customers it serves before you write your cover letter.

Before You Write an HR Manager Cover Letter

This HR manager cover letter is an effective guide for the following reasons.

  • The letter is addressed to a specific person, either the  or the Human Resources staff person who was identified in the job posting. If not available, a quick call to the company allows you to identify the appropriate person.
  • You made it easy for the prospective employer to contact you by providing home phone and smartphone numbers and an email address.
  • Name the specific position for which you are applying so knows immediately for which position he or she is screening your cover letter and .
  • The sample cover letter highlights the two most important items that qualify you for the position in the first paragraph. The employer does not have to connect the dots between the position advertised and your qualifications. (The recruiter may never get past the first paragraph either as recruiting has become so time-consuming.)
  • Based on the traits, skills, experience, and  that the employer sought in the job posting, you have brought your qualifications to the employer's attention.
  • Your letter refers to several points of experience on the enclosed resume that qualify you for the employer's open position.
  • The sample cover letter ends with a quick summary of your qualifications and the value you can bring to the .
  • You provide  if the employer requested them in the job posting. (Yes, it may not seem fair, but withholding this information can make your application invalid.)
  • The cover letter provides the potential employer with a positive sense of whom you are and what you value and could bring to his organization.
  • You end the cover letter with a call to action to exhibit energy and a desire to move to the next step in the application process.

    Sample Cover Letter to Apply for an HR Manager's Job

    This is a cover letter example for an HR manager's position. (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

    Screenshot of a sample cover letter for a human resources manager job
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    Sample Cover Letter to Apply for an HR Manager's Job (Text Version)

    Catherine Mervin
    123 Main Street
    Anytown, CA 12345
    C 248-987-1243
    H 248-544 1234

    September 1, 2018

    Marianne Lee
    Acme Retail
    123 Business Rd.
    Business City, NY 54321

    Dear Ms. Lee:

    Your job posting for a Human Resources manager caught my attention because my HR management experience has been in a similar industry, so I am familiar with the challenges. In addition to leading the HR department, I am a strategic business partner in my current position and serve on the executive team.

    My twelve years in HR as an assistant, then generalist, and now manager, have allowed me to grow and develop professionally and as a leader. 

    You are seeking an individual with a strong passion to innovate and drive for solutions. Since I started the HR department from scratch in my current organization and have led the adoption of all people processes, systems, policies, and procedures, I qualify. Personal accountability for results and and unquestioned.

    Your posting emphasizes an eagerness . I am active in the Society for Human Resources Management and regularly attend professional conferences. Even more importantly, I have in my current company.

    I established a performance development and that utilizes both internal and external development , , team leadership, and training sessions.

    I am most anxious to join an organization where HR is respected and where I can continue to provide input to the strategic business issues while implementing forward-thinking HR and talent management strategies. Your advertised position appears to fit my experience, accomplishments, and education. I have my PHR currently and plan to pursue my SPHR next as you requested.

    I will be in your city regularly over the next few weeks and would like the chance to interview with your team and get to know you. From everything that I can see as an applicant, we are potentially a solid team.


    Catherine Mervin

    If you are emailing or mailing your application, use business letter style to format the cover letter. In an , you will paste this letter into any available space.