Practical and Affordable Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Practical and Affordable Business Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

There is a perfect gift for everyone, but sometimes, recognizing that perfect gift can be a challenge. This can be true for anyone you buy gifts for, especially small business owners, who may have certain routines, equipment and needs that you need to take into account in order to identify the perfect gift.

To help you figure out what to get your favorite small business owner for the holidays, in celebration of a birthday or big accomplishment, or just as a token of your appreciation, here are 10 practical and affordable business gift ideas that cover some of the most common needs of small business owners.

Messenger Bag

messenger bag
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One of the great things about being a small business owner is being able to work from anywhere if you have a laptop. But you need a bag to carry it in. A messenger bag is lightweight and offers organized pockets for just about anything you need to slip in the bag for your mobile office, including cell phones, business cards, pens, MP3 players and other accessories.

Business Magazine Subscription

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Magazine subscriptions are great gifts because many small business owners don't take time to subscribe to magazines on their own. There are many business magazines that make the perfect subscription for small business owners who want to keep up with business trends and ideas.

Spill-Proof Water Bottle

water bottle
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Anyone who works on a computer has to be careful to avoid spills on and around their equipment, so closed-top bottles for beverages are a must. Look for water bottles that not only have secure, tight-fitting tops, but also bottles that keep cold beverages cold. Some will retain the temperature for up to 24 hours!

GPS System

gps system
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Small business owners who travel by car will love a GPS system as a gift. It makes the perfect gift because it's affordable, sophisticated and easy to use, and can help on-the-go business owners get from point A to point B quickly.

Fireproof Safe

fireproof safe
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For business owners who work from home or keep important documents on-site, a fireproof safe is an important, but often forgotten investment, making it an excellent business gift idea. Look for a fireproof safe that is small, easy to move and locks to protect the most important documents, CDs, DVDs and memory sticks.

Day Planner

day planner
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There are a lot of online productivity tools, but sometimes nothing beats a reliable, paper-based system such as a daily planner. Looks for complete sets that comes with a sturdy binder with undated calendar pages, tabbed address/phone directory, tabbed monthly dividers, a lined notepad, business/credit card holder and a vinyl zip pouch to keep everything secure. It's the perfect gift idea for the over-scheduled, ready-to-get-organized, paper-loving small business owner.

Travel Mug

travel mug
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A spill- and leak-proof travel mug, one that even self-seals to not only further prevent spills but keep your beverage nice and warm is a must have to every entrepreneur. This is an excellent gift for any small business owner who travels or works around expensive equipment that needs to be protected from a spill.

Portable Charging Valet

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Everyone has multiple devices these days, and keeping them charged can be a hassle. That's why a portable, folding charging valet can make a great gift. Look for one that allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously from one plug, avoiding the tangle of wires. 

Personal Shredder

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Sensitive documents need to be handled appropriately in every business, so a personal paper shredder can be an excellent practical gift for any small business owner. Look for a shredder that is the perfect size and has a lock that prevents the shredder from accidentally being turned on. The best shredder shreds paper, credit cards, staples and even CDs.

Ergonomic Chair

office chair
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Sitting in one location all day can take a toll on your body, so all small business owners who work in an office need a comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic chair. These popular features make a good office chair: adjustable back height, built-in lumbar support, breathable mesh upholstery, and adjustable padded arms. A good looking, functional and comfortable chair is a great gift for your favorite entrepreneur to sit in all day, every day.

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