Kingsoft Writer Review

Open and Edit DOC or DOCX Files Without Microsoft Word

Picture of Kingsoft Writer in Windows 7

Kingsoft Writer is the  that comes bundled with . Not only is it one of the easiest word processor to use, Kingsoft Writer includes all the tools you'd expect to find in one.

You might consider replacing your commercial word processor software like Microsoft Word, with Kingsoft Writer since it includes all the standard formatting abilities and works with the most popular document file formats.

The Kingsoft Office Suite program also includes a  and .

Kingsoft Writer Pros and Cons

This free word processor has lots of useful features:


  • Ribbon menu style
  • Tabbed interface
  • Common and advanced formatting styles
  • Automatic spell check
  • Supports popular file formats like ones found in Microsoft Word
  • Small download size


  • Must download the whole office suite before choosing to install just Writer

More Information on Kingsoft Writer

  • Kingsoft Writer works with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • The installer includes other software you can optionally add to your computer, like  and
  • Common formatting is allowed, such as organizing data in columns, changing the orientation of the page, aligning text and objects, adding a header and footer, overlaying a watermark, and using heading styles
  • Encryption is supported, which means when you save a document you can choose a custom encryption type and a unique password for opening the document, and another for modifying it
  • Business, resume, and thesis cover letters are available for use from inside Kingsoft Writer, without requiring any external download
  • Common objects can be inserted into a document, such as breaks, tables, shapes, pictures, WordArt, and text boxes
  • Advanced object formatting is allowed, like modifying the 3D effects, depth, direction, and lighting of an object
  • Kingsoft Writer allows references to be included in a document, such as a table of contents and footnotes/endnotes
  • Password protected PDF files can be built from a document with specific permissions like restricting it from being modified, printed, or copied
  • A side panel is included in Kingsoft Writer to make it easy to navigate through a long document
  • Various skins (themes) are included so you can quickly change the color of the entire program interface
  • Kingsoft Writer makes is really easy to make any page's background a picture, pattern, color, gradient, or texture
  • Changes to a document can be tracked to make it easy to review edits, or even restricted from being edited altogether

My Thoughts on Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft Writer is truly the best free word processor I've ever used. The entire layout and design of the program is so smooth and simple to understand.

It's great that popular file formats like DOC, DOCM, and DOCX are fully supported in Kingsoft Writer. This means you don't need to buy Microsoft Office just to use documents someone else created in MS Word.

Something I don't like is that you can't download just Kingsoft Writer. You must instead download the whole office suite and then select to only install the word processor portion.

For Kingsoft Writer to truly tower over all the other word processors available, it would need to be offered in a portable form, like , so it could be carried with you on a flash drive. Aside from this pitfall, it's still better than all the rest.

While the link below takes you to the Windows download, there's also a version available for , , and  devices, which is great if you're wanting to use Kingsoft Office Suite on mobile devices.

During setup, the installer will try to install a presentation and spreadsheet program as well. To install Kingsoft Writer only, from the "Kingsoft Office Applications" section.