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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing, 3rd Edition by Joshua Kennon
••• The Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing, 3rd Edition by Joshua Kennon.

Joshua Kennon is the managing director of , a fee-only global asset management firm that specializes in designing, constructing, monitoring, and maintaining bespoke portfolios for affluent and high net worth individuals, families, and institutions on a fiduciary basis.  A devout believer in long-term value investing, Mr. Kennon has written extensively about investing and investment-related topics since 2001 when he became the Investing for Beginners Guide, later known as the Investing for Beginners Expert, at  He also writes prolifically through  where he discusses everything from mental models and philosophy to life management and recipes.  In print, Joshua is the co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Investing, 3rd Edition.

Important Disclaimers: Please note that the titles "Guide" and "Expert" as applied to Mr. Kennon in the past were chosen by the network for their contract writers and did not, and do not, indicate any given level of expertise, training, or knowledge for himself or for Kennon-Green & Co..  Mr. Kennon's writings are meant for general educational and academic purposes and under no condition are to be construed as investment advice.  Consult with your own qualified attorney, accountant, financial planner, or investment adviser to determine which investments or investment strategies are suitable for your unique needs, circumstances, preferences, and risk profile.


In addition to his large body of investment-related writings and his work as the managing director of Kennon-Green & Co. where he spends his days allocating capital for his own family and the private clients whom have entrusted their wealth to his stewardship, Mr. Kennon and his husband, Aaron Green, are also the co-founders and owners of ®, a letterman jacket affinity company that provides varsity jackets and chenille patches to schools, clubs, organizations, teams, students, production companies, movie and television studios, and more through its retail and  divisions.

Joshua Kennon

I believe that intelligent investing - building wealth through the prudent stewardship of assets accumulated by patience and discipline - can be life changing.  My goal in writing about investing-related topics is to help you understand the concepts and principles needed to develop a solid foundation; to give you some of the tools that you might be able to use to protect yourself when trying to find a way to convert your life's savings into passive income that can support you and your family so you better understand the risks you face, the terms on which you are investing, and how things like the price you pay for an asset can ultimately influence the rate of return you experience.