Whiten Clothes With a Frugal Vinegar Laundry Booster

Why You Should Add Vinegar to Your Wash Loads

Vinegar Laundry Booster
••• Photo © Erin Huffstetler

We've all seen the commercials for laundry boosters that promise to whiten our whites and remove our toughest stains, but guess what? You don't need them.

For a frugal laundry booster (and we're talking pennies a load frugal), just add a cup of white vinegar to your washer's rinse cycle. It's one solution that's as simple as it is effective.

Benefits of a Vinegar Laundry Booster

Vinegar will:

  • Whiten your whites
  • Brighten your colors
  • Eliminate static-cling
  • Remove lint
  • Prevent the dye in new clothing from running
  • Kill any bacteria present in your laundry
  • Remove soap residue from fabric and your machine
  • Soften your laundry,
  • Neutralize any laundry odors

Why This Works

The acetic acid in vinegar acts as a solvent and as a disinfectant – just what you need to fight your toughest laundry challenges. And unlike other laundry add-ins, it won't leave any residue behind on your washing machine or your clothes.

More Ways to Use Vinegar in the Laundry Room

One bottle of vinegar can take the place of a whole host of laundry products. , as a replacement for store-bought fabric softener,  and to . 

Then, when you get done testing all the things vinegar can do in the laundry room, . You'll be amazed at how many commercial cleaning products vinegar can take the place of.

Trying to Green Up Your Laundry Routine?

Switching to homemade laundry products is a great first step. Cutting your dryer use is another. . Then, find ways to cut that cost and all of the kilowatt hours that you're using. . They speed up drying time, so your dryer doesn't have to run as long. And cleaning your dryer vent twice a year can go a long way towards further speeding up drying times. If you have the space, line-drying clothes outside can make a huge dent in your energy use.

If you've tried line-drying before and run into problems, , and give it one more try before you write it off entirely.