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Free Spring-Themed Images for All Your Projects

Peaceful moment
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Spring clip art can be a fun way to add some colorful images to any project you're working on this spring. With these free spring clip art images, you'll get all the images of flowers, rainbows, butterflies, kites, dragonflies, green grass, celebrations, and umbrellas that you can handle.

It's easy to download these spring clip art images, just click until you get the largest image and then right-click to save or copy the chosen clip art. You can then easily insert into your project and they can be viewed online or printed.

Tip: All the spring clip art below is free but make sure you read each website's terms of use to respect the copyright rules for the images.

If you don't see images below that you like​ or are looking for something more specific, you can find more spring clip art within free ,  and .

You can find more spring freebies like free , , and .

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    A duck, bird, butterflies, and flowers caught in the rain
    My Cute Graphics

    My Cute Graphics has four pages packed with free spring clip art images of boys, girls, flowers, butterflies, rain showers, pinwheels, dragonflies, rainbows, sunshine, and animals.

    To download the spring clip art, simply click on an image once and then right-click to save it to your computer.

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    The word "Spring" with a butterfly
    Cute Panda

    Clipart Panda has a page full of spring clip art including tons of flower borders that would look great on a newsletter or banner.

    In addition to the borders, there are also regular clip art images of flowers, hearts, butterflies, and more.

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    Tulips in bloom

    Lots of cheerful springtime images await you here at that can be downloaded in small, medium, or large sizes.

    Scroll down to see spring clip art of flowers, butterflies, landscapes, borders, beaches, and animals.

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    A red flower
    Free Clip Art Store

    There are 3 pages worth of colorful spring clip art here and all of it is free and just as good looking as this lovely blue bird.

    You'll love all the cute images of flowers, animals, and nature that are ready to be downloaded with a click of your mouse.

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    An orange butterfly
    Lee Hansen

    There are only a few images of free spring clip art at Lee Hansen Graphics but you aren't going to want to miss out on them.

    Find free spring clip art of baskets, flowers, rainbows, butterflies, and umbrellas.

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    A group of orange tulips
    Free Clipart Pictures

    The free spring clip art here includes images of flowers, rain, trees, butterflies, kites, birds, umbrellas, and bees. They're all very colorful and bold making them a great choice for your project.

    Just right-click on any of the spring clip art images to save them to your computer.

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    A bird with her babies in a nest
    Love to Know

    Love to Know has a dozen free spring clipart images of flowers and bees, birds and nests, the sun, umbrellas, and more. 

    These high-quality clip art images are completely free to download. Click on the thumbnail to get the largest image available to open in your browser.