Free Photoshop Shapes

The 12 best websites for free Photoshop shapes

There are thousands of free shapes available that you can install and easily use right inside of Photoshop or another .

Photoshop includes only a handful of pre-installed shapes, but with these free resources, you can really spice up your photos. They can even be used to create completely new images.

Below are several websites that, together, offer hundreds of free Photoshop shapes. You can find anything from simple shapes like stars, icons, and swirls, to more complex shapes like snowflakes, trees, and people.

How to Use These Free Photoshop Shapes

All of these websites contain download links to files, which is the file type Photoshop reads as a shape file. Some, however, are contained in an archive and may require the use of a  to extract out the shape file.

Once you've located the CSH file, just double-click it to add the shapes to Photoshop.

If you're interested in trying these Photoshop shapes but don't have Photoshop installed, grab  to have access to the whole program for free for one month.

Screenshot of various Brusheezy Photoshop brushes

Brusheezy has a whopping 90+ categories of Photoshop shapes you can download and install at no cost.

Some of the categories include sticker shapes, star, vintage, model, and fish shapes, as well as pirates, coffee cups, and cooking shapes.

These Photoshop shapes can be filtered by the version of Photoshop they're meant for, and sorted by newness, popularity, and rating.

Screenshot of flower Photoshop shapes

A user named screentone has a nice collection of Photoshop flower shapes. There are also monologue rings, block-like buildings, and flash shapes.

A few of screentones’ shapes require a password to open the file, which you can find on the download page.

Screenshot of bird shapes in Photoshop

Another user, lukeroberts, has several custom Photoshop shapes that are freely available. You can find guns, heraldry, graffiti, world map, birds, aircraft, and maritime shapes.

There’s also a small collection of miscellaneous shapes you can download as a ZIP file.

Screenshot of tree Photoshop shapes

For a large collection of free Photoshop shapes, such as robots, spaceships, flowers, swirls, isometric shapes, dead and alive trees, vegetation, bugs, flames, gears, and more, you can visit thesuper's page.

A few of the collections here are instead (), so pay attention to the file type shown on the download button.

Screenshot of circle shapes in Photoshop

UnidentifyStudios offers some really interesting circle shapes for Photoshop. You can also download snowflake shapes, animal shapes, sea shapes, and a collection of random, miscellaneous Photoshop shapes.

To identify the Photoshop shapes among the brushes, look for the word “shapes” in the thumbnail images.

Screenshot of various types of star shapes in Photoshop

Hundreds of free star shapes can be downloaded from deviant-ARAB. There are a few different collections, or versions, of stars available, but they each have a whole different set or Photoshop shapes.

Some of these shapes don't really look like stars but more like swirls or a sun, but there are plenty of regular star shapes, too.

Screenshot of Halloween Photoshop shapes
© Obsidian Dawn

Another great source for free Photoshop shapes is Obsidian Dawn. Most of the images here follow the same type of theme.

You can find banners, scrolls, Halloween shapes, and urban design shapes. On a different tone, you can also download free flower vector shapes and snowflake vector shapes.

Screenshot of Christmas shapes in Photoshop

These are Christmas-themed shapes offered by's hurleyrocks.

There are over 90 shapes available here, such as presents, bells, borders, trees, designs, ornaments, and more.

You can use any of these shapes absolutely free, even for commercial use.

Photoshop shapes from

Some of the shapes found at are repeats of the above, but there are also some unique ones.

We were able to find snowflake shapes, photography shapes, and shapes of chicken, butterflies, pen strokes, and chairs, among others.

Screenshot of shapes like cameras, banners, and labels in Photoshop

Zooll is a great source for banner and label shapes. There are several different Photoshop shapes that each has a unique look.

You can also find some heart shapes and camera objects, like flashing lights and old cameras, among others shapes.

Screenshot of Photoshop animal shapes

There are lots of great free Photoshop shapes offered by HGGraphicDesigns, such as nautical shapes, over 50 animals shapes, and other miscellaneous items.

The screenshot on each download page clearly shows you what type of shapes you're downloading, which is ​really nice.

Photoshop shapes from shapes4free

Over 2,000 other Photoshop shapes can be downloaded from shapes4free, and they're even free for commercial use.

A few examples of the high quality Photoshop shapes you can find here include gift tags, arrows, smileys, vintage labels, Easter eggs, halftone shapes, zoom lines, hearts, grunge radiation symbols, square clocks, and many others.

These Photoshop shape downloads are in the form of ZIP files, so you'll have to open them before finding the CSH files.