Small Business Online Courses

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Why Take a Small Business Online Course?

The willingness to learn new things is one of the hallmarks of . These free online courses can be a great way to help you acquire new information and hone your skills because they're designed with your busy life in mind. You can learn at your own pace.

These courses are available in their entirety online. Each is organized into a series of lessons on the e-course topic. Once you choose one and start it, you can work through a lesson once a week, once a day, or on whatever schedule suits you.

This small business online course focuses on helping you free up more time to do the things you enjoy by becoming more organized. You will learn techniques to relax and rejuvenate so you have more energy to tackle your many tasks and learn how to market your business more effectively by marketing yourself. 

Each success strategy includes tips to help you apply the strategy being worked on and related resources. Because practicing a skill is an important step to making it a part of your repertoire, it is recommended that you take at least a week between lessons when you're working through this course.

Start now and start being more successful.

Designed to help you shape up your oral communication skills, these six speech lessons will make you sound more polished and professional - and ultimately, because of the power of good communication, become more successful. You can start working on your speech to speak more professionally right away.

While you can, of course, work through this course individually, try enlisting the services of a speech buddy or monitor to help you with your speech exercises. It's almost impossible for anyone to analyze their own speech when they're speaking—especially when they're focusing on speaking well.

If you can't find a speech buddy to exercise with, another alternative is to record your speech practice exercises and then play them back to analyze how you've done. Each of the seven speech lessons has an exercise (or exercises) that you will be asked to do, both during the lesson and as practice before going on to the next lesson.

Is your small business the success you want it to be? If not, maybe your business isn't ready for it. If your small business is going to achieve what you want it to achieve, it has to be fit. Not necessarily lean and mean, but strong and healthy enough to run efficiently and tackle new challenges.

That's what this Small Business Makeover series is all about; getting your small business into shape so it can be successful. Because business success doesn't just happen; business success has to be worked at and prepared for.

Each small business "workout" focuses on increasing your business success by improving a particular aspect of your business.