11 Free Halloween Fonts

Download these top free Halloween fonts

Halloween lettering poster.
artvea / Getty Images

These free Halloween fonts are the best spooky, creepy, and even silly fonts available online. They won't cost you a dime to download, install, and use for your next Halloween project.

These free Halloween fonts are a great way to customize Halloween invitations, decorations, and anything else that may come to mind. 

Didn't find the free Halloween font you were looking for? Try searching at the ​ to see if you find just the right one. We also have a list of if you're looking for more warm and cozy instead of spooky and spine-tingling.​

Tip: All of these free Halloween fonts are free for personal use but you'll need to visit each fonts' website to see if you can use them for commercial purposes.

"Halloween" in Calaveras font.

You'll love the bubbly font covered by skulls of this free Halloween font. It's a great design that would also be perfect for a Day of the Dead project.

When you download the Calaveras Halloween font you'll get the Calaveras font in uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and special characters.

"Halloween" in Halloween Spider font.

This free Halloween font features creeping spiders and their webs surrounding uppercase letters.

This free Halloween font would go great paired with some free Halloween clip art to create your own printable Halloween invitations.

"Halloween" in the Creepsville font.
Acid Fonts

Creepsville is a spooky looking free Halloween font that reminds me of slowly dripping blood or slime. It would look great on any of your Halloween projects.

Creepsville comes in capital and lowercase letters as well as a few symbols.

"Halloween" in Wild Wood font.

Wild Wood is a great free Halloween font where barren branches twist from every which side of your Halloween message.

This free Halloween font features uppercase letters and numbers.

"Halloween" in the Jack Lantern BB font.

This free Halloween font plays ode to the tale of Sleepy Hollow with its creepy jagged curves.

You could use this free Halloween font on just about any of your projects and it would look great.

"Halloween" in A Charming Font.

Remember the old TV series Charmed? Well, this is where this free Halloween font originated.

This curvy free Halloween font is a little more elegant but still has a little bit of creep to it. I can see it working really well for a party invite.

"Halloween" in the Groovy Ghosties font.

Groovy Ghosties free Halloween font features subtle ghosts that almost look like they'll fade away before your eyes.

This free Halloween font would be perfect for the kids but really will work for Halloween party goers of any age.

"Halloween" in the Barbed Ink font.

Barbed Ink is a free Halloween font that looks like a smoother version of barbed wire.

It's a free Halloween font that's ​somehow a little bit sexy and a little bit creepy all at the same time.

"Halloween" in the Jack O font.

No list of free Halloween fonts would be complete without a font like this one that features jack o' lanterns spelling out your message.

This free Halloween font has both uppercase and lowercase letters you can use for your Halloween project.


The letters in the CF Halloween font over at Dafont drip with blood and are overtaken by spider webs. The "I" is the grim reaper and the "O" is a jack o'lantern.

This font is available for uppercase letters and numbers only. A commercial license is available for purchase. 

A brushstroke Halloween font that spells out

 Misit's Fonts/Dafont

Here's a unique Halloween font that is a brushstroke font with a spooky feel to it. Highlights include a star, bat, big ghost, and small ghost. 

This font is available for uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a bunch of special characters.