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'30 Minutes or Less' Movie.

is a website that lets you and on your computer, , and .

Although you'll need to sit through a few commercial breaks during the movies and shows at Sony Crackle, an awesome selection of programming, as well as a decent video quality, will have you coming back again and again.

This video streaming service was originally called Grouper when it was first released, but later changed its name to Crackle, and finally Sony Crackle.

Watch Free Movies and TV Shows at Crackle

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Sony Crackle regularly has around 150 free, full-length movies that you watch any time you want. Just to see all of them. New movies are constantly being added and retired from Sony Crackle, so you'll always find something new to watch.

Movies at Sony Crackle are organized into genres to help you find thrillers, , , Crackle original movies, dramas, crime movies, , and more. You can sort the free movies alphabetically or by recently added so you can check back as often as you want to see what they've been including in their free selection.

In addition to movie-length videos are movie clips, trailers, and information on movies that are about to become available on Sony Crackle.

Screenshot of free TV shows on Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle also lets you stream free TV shows from around 75 series that includes full episodes of comedies, anime, action, crime, adventure, and sci-fi series. to see all the shows you can stream for free at Sony Crackle.

Like the movies section, the TV shows you can find here include full episodes, clips, and trailers, including original Sony Crackle series that you can't find anywhere else.

Sony Crackle keeps videos during a particular time frame and then removes them. This means if you watch part of a movie one day, it's quite possible it could be gone the next before you can finish it. While this isn't ideal, it's still fine for most people since you probably usually watch a movie from beginning to end. Plus, the movies are free, so it's hard to complain.

How to Stream Sony Crackle Movies & Shows

Sony Crackle works on lots of devices. You can follow the links above to , but there's also a Sony Crackle so that you can stream the videos on your phone or tablet.

You can on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android phones and , BlackBerry phone, Nook tablet, Kindle Fire tablet, and the Windows Phone.

The main page in the Sony Crackle mobile app shows featured movies and shows, and the next two sections of the app separate movies and TV shows into their own categories. As you move down the app in either section, you can find the most popular videos, those that were recently added, and then all the videos in their own genre.

It's super simple to use the app because while it shows all of Sony Crackle's content, it's organized very well to prevent clutter. You can move left to right in each genre to find all the movies and shows that belong in it. When you choose a video, you can find all the details you can see on Sony Crackle's desktop site, such as the cast, description of the video, and rating.

You can also share the video over social networks, , or , and the same CC/SUB settings available on the desktop site are included in the mobile app.

Sony Crackle also works with PS4, PS3, PlayStation TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, , , , Amazon Fire TV, Sony Blu-Ray players, Samsung Blu-Ray players, and several brands of TVs.

To get the best viewing pleasure from Sony Crackle, you'll need IE 7.0+, Firefox 3+, or Chrome, and JavaScript and Cookies need to be enabled. You also need Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 or above.

The Ads Are Worth It

Because Sony Crackle is free, it uses advertising in both movies and TV shows. One appears at the beginning of every video and then more will appear as you watch more of the video. The shorter the video you’re watching, the fewer advertisements you’ll see, which seems appropriate.

For example, a 20-minute episode of a TV show might have three advertisements whereas a movie that’s an hour and a half may have as many as nine.

You can clearly see where the advertisements are at in a video. If you put your mouse into the video player and attempt to fast forward, you’ll notice small gray lines, which indicate advertisements. It's fortunate these are there so you know how far you can fast forward the video without having to watch another ad.

Advertisements might tend to be longer than you'd expect. As you skip forward in the video, multiple ads might play back to back. In these circumstances, the ads might last a total of a minute, so they're still tolerable.

Video Quality and Player Options

The video quality for movies and shows on Sony Crackle is decent but not great like you might experience on other websites like . If viewing movies and TV shows on a very large, high definition screen, this relatively low quality will surely be noticed. However, the movies we tested seemed about as clear as a regular DVD on a normal computer screen.

As for buffering, we had absolutely no hiccups or stalls when watching several TV shows and movies. From the moment a video started to the point that an advertisement would show, were no delays due to buffering. There were also no delays when starting a video midway — it would begin to play just moments later from wherever it was clicked.

There are lots of comments on many movies on Sony Crackle where people state that the video is too hard to watch because it takes too long to buffer. Again, this was not our experience, but whether or not it's yours depends entirely on your own network and computer speed.

Screenshot of the video caption options on a free movie at Sony Crackle

The closed captioning settings in Sony Crackle's video player are very handy, and they let you truly customize the way subtitles appear for any video you’re watching. In the video player, you can open the CC/SUB options and change the language, adjust the font type and size, alter the foreground, background, and border color, as well as adjust the opacity of the text.

Adjusting the subtitles like this might be preferred if you're watching a movie that's primarily dark or light so you can apply the opposite effect to make the text readable. Unfortunately, the closed captions settings you configure do not apply to any video but the one you're watching. 

We also like that Sony Crackle's movies and TV shows can be displayed in full-screen mode to get that theater-like experience at home.

Screenshot of the options below a video at Sony Crackle

Below the video are other things like a Watch Later button, rate buttons, video description, social media sharing buttons, and more. For videos that are about to leave Sony Crackle, you'll also see a mention of how many days are remaining before it will no longer be available.

Benefits of Registering With Sony Crackle

You don't have to register a user account with Sony Crackle to watch the free movies and TV shows, but if you do, it means you that you don't have to enter your birth date every time you want to watch R-rated videos.

After you register you'll also be able to create your own list of Watch Later videos, which are to remind you which videos you're wanting to watch but don't have time for right now.

A user account at Sony Crackle also lets you rate movies with a thumbs up or thumbs down

Is Sony Crackle Legal?

It might seem like Sony Crackle is illegal because of its selection of well-known movies and full length TV shows, but you can rest assured that what you see on their website or through their app is 100 percent legal to stream as often as you want.

Sony Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, meaning that not only is the service , there's also a continuous flow of new movies and programming from Sony to keep it fresh with new content.