Brian Lund



In 1985, one month after my eighteenth birthday, I walked into a Dean Witter brokerage office, located inside my local Sears, and bought my first stock.  For the next twenty years, alongside starting and running businesses, I actively participated in the markets by trading stocks, options, futures, and forex, all from technical analysis based strategies.

In 2005 I formed the Mesa Verde Fund in order to devote myself to trading full-time, and in 2007 I began to publish analysis and commentary related to my trades on my personal site, , which is currently featured on the .

In December of 2008 I joined Ditto Trade, a licensed broker dealer, which allows any person to take part in the exact same trader as any other person through the use of our proprietary technology.

In 2012  I published my first book, .  

I have made numerous appearances on  segment on the Closing Bell and my writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, CNN/Money, TRADERS' magazine, Tradersworld magazine, AOL's Daily Finance, TraderPlanet, Pro Blogger, and numerous other domestic and international outlets.


I studied Business and Finance at Orange Coast College and Cal State Long Beach.

Brian Lund

Over the last 30 years I have seen all types of markets, but the one theme that stays consistent is that retail investors and traders are generally at a disadvantage.  Institutions, market makers, and algorithmic traders make their money at the expense of the retail trader, and if you don't educate yourself properly it is hard to survive, let along prosper.

The good news is that I have already made every mistake in the book when it comes to stocks and I want to share my experiences with you -- both good and bad.  Everything about the stock market is counter-intuitive to the way we are taught to think from the time we are born, and I hope to create a narrative with my content that demystifies the markets, shortens your learning curve, and helps to make you more successful.