Bobbie Sage

Bobbie Marie Sage has been involved in the personal insurance industry since 2001. She began as an insurance agent and now her primary focus is insurance research and writing.


Bobbie's career began as a personal lines insurance agent for a prominent insurance company. There she serviced insurance policies from all 50 states. The knowledge she gained from her insurance training, work, and continuing education led her to research and writing work in the personal insurance industry. Her articles have been requested for reprint in various print and online sources and she has been a featured guest on the popular Boston news radio station WBIX.


Bobbie received her Property and Casualty insurance license in October 2001 from the Professional Training Institute of Mishawaka, Indiana. Bobbie attended college at IUSB in South Bend, IN.

Bobbie Sage

Although I have gained a lot of knowledge through my insurance work, research, and writing experience, my first insurance lessons came from understanding my personal policies. I have found that for many, insurance can be confusing and therefore easy to just set off to the side. You don't have to feel this way! That confusion comes from being unfamiliar with how insurance works. My goal as your Personal Insurance Guide is to lead you into a better understating of your insurance so you, too, can find that insurance is much more than just a one-time purchase.