How to Find the Best U.S. Retail Jobs

Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Retail Companies to Work for in 2014

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Each year Fortune Magazine attempts to answer the question, "What's the best retail company to work for?" by rating and ranking U.S. employers from all industries. From that complete list of best U.S. employers, the Best Retail Companies to Work For list can be complied. While this annual best retail companies to work for list highlights the retail companies that offer employees the best benefits, if benefits is not your main criteria, then these Fortune bests might not be the best for you.
The "best" retail company to work for will be the one that has the best combination of attributes that are important to each individual job hunter.

In order to find an ideal retail work situation, you first have to be clear about what your "ideal" is. Once you are clear about your own employment preferences, it's just a matter of research for job candidates to find the U.S. retail industry company that matches them best.
There are at least 14 different ways that retail job seekers can compare and judge which prospective retail employer would be the "best" employer for them.

U.S. Retail Companies With the Best Benefits

For some people, the "best" retail job would be the one with the best workplace environment, the best benefits, and the best health insurance programs.

#1 - 2014 Best Retail Companies to Work For List From Fortune Magazine

#2 - Complete Index of Employee Benefits Programs in Retail Companies

#3 - Retail Companies With the Best Work-Life Balance

Best Cities and States to Find the Best Retail Jobs and Employers

If finding the best geographical location is an important part of finding the best retail employer, then these retail job comparison lists which include geographical factors will help you find the best retail job in the best city for you.

#4 - Retail Headquarters Professional Jobs in the 2013 Best Cities for College Grads

#5 - Retail Management & Professional HQ Jobs in the 2013 Best Cities for Employment

Best Company to Start a Retail Career

If you're new to the retail job market, then the retail companies that excel at launching retail careers would be your "best" employer.

#6 - Employee Recommended Best & Worst Retail Employers"

#7 - Business Week Best Companies to Launch a Retail Career

Best Career Advancement Potential

If you want to work for a retail company with the best career advancement potential, then you'll need to apply for jobs at retail companies that are expanding in the U.S. and around the world.

#8 - Retail Companies Expanding and Opening Stores in the U.S.

#9 - Most Promising U.S. Retail Chains

Most Socially Responsible and Reputable Retail Companies

If working for a reputable or socially responsible company is important to you, then the "best" retail employer for you might be a retail company that has been recognized for its green retailing or for the reputation of its retail brand.

#10 - Best Global Green Brands

#11 - Most Reputable U.S. Retail Brands

Most Financially Stable Retail Chains

If financial stability is important to you, then you will probably want to start your retail job search by looking at financial results.

#12 - World's Fastest Growing Publicly Traded Retail Chains

#13 - Smaller Retail Chains With the Best Stock Returns

Retailers With the Best Customer Service

If you are a customer service fanatic, then you will love working for companies that make customer service a high priority.

#14 - Retail Chains With the Best Customer Experience

Just because you are clear about which retail company you think would be the best employer for you doesn't mean that the feeling will be mutual. If nothing else, though, once you've spent some time deciding what the "best" employer would be, you'll have a fantastic answer for "Why do you want to work here?" in your job interview.

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